Umfrage: Menschen und Tiere in der Stadt

Unser Tier Projekt braucht Ihre Hilfe:

Um mehr über diese Beziehungen herauszufinden und welche Faktoren einen Einfluss darauf nehmen könnten, wollen wir in München untersuchen, ob die Wohnumgebung eines Menschen sein Verhältnis zu Tieren beeinflusst. Die Beantwortung der Umfrage dauert zwischen 10-15 Minuten und würde nicht nur unserer Projektarbeit, sondern auch der allgemeinen Forschung zum Mensch-Tier-Verhältnis im großen Maße helfen. Vor allem für die Planung unserer Städte ist es wichtig, Ihre Meinung zu hören, um gemeinsam München, nicht nur für uns Menschen, sondern auch für die Tiere besser zu gestalten.

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What is BAYSICS all about?

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Far-reaching consequences of climate change make extensive adaptation and climate protection measures necessary in Bavaria. These can only be successfully put into practice in democratic societies if they are seen by citizens as legitimate, acceptable and feasible.

Under the motto " Convey knowledge - promote perception - communicate complexity" selected target groups (e.g. recreation seekers, pollen allergy sufferers, citizens interested in nature, pupils) are addressed in a Citizen Science approach via the innovative BAYSICS portal. Thus, climate change is made tangible through own observations in their own concrete environment.

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Its cooperative design and participatory approach thereby create opportunities for inquiry-based learning that educate locals about the complexity of climate change within their own backyards. Empirical, experimental and theoretical research methods from the fields of natural science, education and environmental sociology, along with modern crowdsourcing media, will be employed to attract a variety of user groups and to spread awareness about climate impacts, adaptation and protection measures.
By use of innovative, technology-driven methods, BAYSICS thus enables a broad involvement of the public in science and research.
By use of innovative, technology-driven methods, BAYSICS thus enables a broad involvement of the public in science and research. The joint project will cooperate closely with international, national and regional stakeholder groups including schools, training institutes for teachers, NGOs, authorities and companies. BAYSICS will be available to all bayklif projects and, thanks to its open structure, will remain accessible to similar citizen-science projects in Bavaria in the long term.

How is it designed?

The Bavarian Synthesis Information Citizen Science Portal for climate research and science communication is composed of a total of 10 subprojects. It can be divided into three categories.

Find out which goals are pursued and how each one of them aims to bring climate change alive:


Coordination and Communication

Climate Research

Phenology and Climate Change
Changes in Pollen Loads
Altitudinal Limits of Trees
Animals in the City


Pupils explore climate
Climate change: the debate
Responsibility for climate protection

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